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Diets Rarely Work!!!

Diets Rarely Work!

Diets rarely work says Haven Schulz a Laguna Beach Community personal trainer

Diets rarely work, says Haven Schulz, a Laguna Beach Personal Trainer

Diets rarely work, says Haven Schulz, a Laguna Beach Personal Trainer and owner of Health Haven Studio. After the holiday season I have many clients ask me what the best diet, cleanse, detox, they should do to lose those extra pound is. Everyone is searching for a quick fix. When it comes to losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF, these “crash diets” do not work. I am here to tell you why this approach to dieting does not work, what approach is best, and where to start! 

One of the main reasons diets rarely work

One of the main reasons diets rarely work, is because we want to lose as much weight as fast as we can! So, many people opt for fasting, juice cleanses, or extreme caloric restriction for a short period of time to drop pounds fast. Yes, those methods will make the number on the scale go down, but the majority of the weight lost is water weight. The moment you go back to eating like a regular human being your weight will increase right away because the body has been in starvation mode. This type of approach to dieting can actually negatively affect one’s metabolism, hormones, exercise performance, etc. The food you eat doesn’t just control the scale or your pant size; your diet controls your overall health! The mindset towards dieting must change for one to have long term success at losing weight, keeping it off, and staying healthy! 

That mindset must change from a two week or 30 day diet!

That mindset must change from a two week or 30 day diet, to a healthy lifestyle change! Slow and steady wins the race with healthy weight loss that lasts! Otherwise you will find yourself gaining and losing on a continual basis! The dictionary defines “diet” as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community HABITUALLY eats.” Start focusing on your habits, rather than total restriction. When I have a client who is just starting their weight loss journey, I do not tell them the first day to cut down to 1600 calories with a 40/30/30 macronutrient ratio. No, I tell them to start out simple by swapping the unhealthy foods with healthy options. Check out some of my favorite healthy swaps below. 

Remember why diets rarely work!

Change your view of diets from a quick fix, to a lifestyle change! Pursue both health and weight loss when it comes to changing your eating habits. EveryBODY is different, each of our goals are different, and everyone’s diet should be uniquely made for them and their goals.

My Quick Easy Healthy Recipes can be found on the Laguna Beach City Guide

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