Candidate Statement Laguna Beach Unified School District

LBUSD School Board Candidate Statement Kelly Osborne

LBUSD School Board Candidate Statement Kelly Osborne

Community Volunteer

Serving as a community volunteer in our schools the last 6 years has been an honor.

As a school board member, I will work to improve our district by advocating for policies predicated on facts and evidence. My experience demonstrates that I work positively with school leaders and parents. We have smart, capable people in our district who are devoted to students. We also have engaged parents, who care deeply about students. I will work hard to ensure the district, teachers, parents and the community all work together for our students.

I will listen with an open mind, treat others with respect, uphold ethical standards, follow the facts and data, and make decisions for the betterment of all students. Every action I will take as board member will follow these tenets.

I have children in 5th and 7th grade, and began volunteering their first day. After 10 years in investment banking, my focus became my family and community. I served the TOW PTA board for 3 years, with one term as PTA President, and on Laguna Beach Council PTA for 3 years, as VP and President. I have volunteered countless hours in our school gardens, working directly with students, staff, administrators, and fellow parents. Together, we built an outdoor classroom integrated into the curriculum that is a model for other schools in the state. As a School Power trustee, I’ve secured donations and raised funds for schools.

As a district liaison, I’ve managed projects that involve LBUSD, PTA and School Power like the Away Space at Thurston and the Geodome at TOW, and served on the LBUSD curriculum council. I helped TOW earn the highest designation by the U.S. Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School and secured numerous outside grants for garden programs. These are examples of ways I work with the community, parents, staff and district leaders to make great things happen for our schools.

My experience in education includes preschool director, K-12 substitute teacher, outdoor educator, and curriculum consultant. I understand distance learning, having a Masters of Education with a specialization in e-learning.

Now, with COVID-19, we face our largest challenge yet. These challenges require, more than ever, strong leadership and professionalism, with concern for everyone’s safety, but especially the treasures of our heart, our children.

It is with this experience that I ask for your vote to serve on School Board.

Kelly Osbourne, Candidate Statement

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