Candidate Statement

Candidate Statement Anne Marie McKay

Candidate Statement Anne Marie McKay

Candidate’s Statement of Qualifications

CITY OF: Laguna Beach
NAME: Ann Marie McKay
AGE: 42
OCCUPATION: Office Manager

I love being a public servant. Before coming to Laguna, after I graduated with my degree, I served as a Captain in the Air Force. I served this City for 10 years. Now I want to serve this community directly. This elected position exists to serve and assist the public; I excel at customer service, and pleasant, competent assistance will be my priority.

I know and love this City. From working, volunteering, walking and biking in the City, to living in North Laguna, the Village, and South Laguna. I worked Planning Commission, Design Review Board, City Council and other public meetings. I understand the issues and I appreciate and respect the many viewpoints we have, which I believe make Laguna special.

I will use my knowledge of City-specific technology and my technological skills to ensure correct and current information for the public.

With my years of experience as a City employee, and as a Notary Public, I understand the City Clerk’s role. I also have excellent relationships with the previous City Clerks, who are valuable resources.

Let my experience work for you. To learn more about why I am the best candidate to be your next City Clerk, visit

Ann Marie McKay, Candidate Statement

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