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Sawdust Festival Behind the Scenes

Sawdust Festival Behind the Scenes

Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival Behind the Scenes is an exciting place to be!

Visiting this famous setting beforehand was quite the experience. This is where the artists become builders.

They are each responsible to build out their own spaces, year after year. Their spots are temporary and many of them do not end up in the same spot each year.

We caught many of them running around covered in paint from head-to-toe. So many creative ways they find to put their booths together.

The coolest thing was watching them work together in their family-like atmosphere. Borrowing building supplies from and and sharing tools with each other. And, they really do whistle while they work, some even singing. The vibe here is just so amazing.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow night’s Preview Event. Until then, here are some of the shots from yesterday’s behind-the-scenes excursion.

Hope to see you all joining the Laguna Beach Community for the 53rd Summer Sawdust Art & Makers Festival!

For more information: Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival

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