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Peace Vigil Main Beach Laguna Beach

Peace Vigil Main Beach Laguna Beach

Peace Vigil Main Beach Laguna Beach

Quite simply- we are stronger together!

Peace Vigil Main Beach Laguna Beach:  Saturday 10/7/17 at 6pm we will fill the Laguna Beach Boardwalk with candles of remembrance of those lost to gun violence. We will come together regardless of skin color, background, religious beliefs and the like to bind together for a greater cause.

It’s an hour or so of our time on a Saturday evening and I’m sure many of us had other plans but let’s gather for those that also had plans this weekend and are no longer with us. Let’s show gratitude for the fact we are still here to create an impact, to share our light and help move our communities to greater cohesiveness, understanding and unification. We can absolutely crowd out the dark with our combined strength and endurance of heart.

Laguna Beach has always been a beacon of love and progressiveness in Orange County so it seems fitting to fill our boardwalk with candles, hugs and tears. Thoughts and prayers are always great, but we need to do more/better. This is a start. Please join us.

This is a peaceful Lagun Beach Community Vigil!

Please bring your family, smiles, blankets and a candle to remember those who we’ve lost. Please share far and wide. See you Saturday!

Content and vigil planning by 
Erin O’Malley

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