Crown Point Beach

Crown Point Beach

Crown Point Beach is the secluded beach.
Crown Point Beach is between Crescent Bay Beach and Emerald Bay.
This beach rarely has anyone on it so chances
are you’ll have the beach all to yourself.
BTW (Crown Point Beach) is my name for that beach. (Not Official)

Crown Point Beach

Important Information

There is NOT a lifeguard at this beach, nor can they see you
You need a flotation device to get to & from the beach
Blow up boat with ores, paddleboard with paddle Kayak, Surfboard
Be careful and watch for falling rocks on the cliffside
There is a 99% chance everything you bring will get WET!
(Encase things you DO NOT want wet)
There is also a chance of anything you bring getting dropped in the ocean and NEVER found again
(Strap down and or enclose in something like a backpack)
There are NO bathrooms
You must get there and back by sea… (Wind and Surf can make this dangerous)
The wind & surf will play a big roll in safely getting to & from the beach
Entering and exiting the beach requires navigating between rocks
Wear water shoes as it is very rocky coming ashore

Suggested Things To Bring

Cellphone in water tight case (In case you get wet)
Backpack to carry supplies
Food or snacks
Water or some type of hydration
Water tight case or multiple plastic bags to place electronic keys in (In case you get wet)

Crescent Bay Beach to the right Crown Point Beach to the left

Parking Your Car

Park at or near Crescent Bay Point Park the parking is free and usually available on residential streets.
Directions to Crescent Bay Point Park Once you’ve parked your car walk down following the street and you’ll see a walking path that leads to Crescent Bay Beach South.
You may also park your car at Crescent Bay Beach

Getting To Crown Point Beach

Travel by Boat-Kayak-Paddleboard

If you parked at Crescent Bay Point Park, before you unload your car walk to the end of the park and look down to your right…..that’s the beach. Now walk to your left at the end of the park and look down that’s Crescent Bay Beach. Take a good look at where you’ll need to navigate your vessel between the rocks to get there easily and once again where you’ll need to enter the beach at

Where To Enter Crown Point Beach

Enter between rocks

There Is Also A Rock Pool

Climb up onto the rocks to visit